Kumbakarai Falls dindigul

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Kumbakarai Falls dindigul

It’s source is River Pamba. It is a feast of nature and yet another tourist attractions for all. Kumbakkarai falls is located 8 km from Periyakulam and on the foothill path of Kodaikanal. The origin is from the Western Ghats, passes through the rocky zones and pastures to flow down as Kumbakkarai falls. In the process of long travel the water Falls bring down the goodness of minerals and herbs of the mountain that can cure skin diseases and other related ailments. Bathing here is a pleasure and also medicinal cleansing too. This is lesser known to tourists. Very popular with locals and people around the district. This takes a Two Stage fall. The first collects the water in rock recess named after wild life animals. In the second stage river Pamba flows for initial stretch of few kilometers and drops down as Kumbakkarai Falls and it is a perennial source of water. A five centuries old temple of Goddess Thadagai Nachiamman is near the falls and visited by devotees in large number.

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